Services for families

Choosing to raise your child bilingually is a big responsibility that lies on your shoulder and it is one of the biggest gifts to your child that you can give. Parents who just embark on the journey and parents who are already on their way need support and information to ensure they make the best choices for their children.

I offer the following services:

1. One time consultation – it is suitable for parents that just embark their journey. – Fee: €70

Option for online consultation – Fee: €60

2. Two plus one consultations – this is for those bilingual/multilingual families that face challenges on their way, feel lost and need a science based Family Language Plan. After the first two consultations the family gets the Family Language Plan document and one month after there is a follow up one more consultation. – Fee: €170

Option for online consultation – Fee: €150

3. Workshops on Raising Bilingual Child
Early years, raising children with three or more languages, focus on school and literacy, encountering difficulties – Fee: €40/Family

4. Parent seminar If you would like your organisation, kindergarten or school to host a parent seminar, please contact me for details of arrangements. – Fee: €30/Parent 


What is a Family Language Plan?
A Family Language Plan is a document that tracks the language priorities and paths to bilingualism for families. It is based on up to day linguistic researches. It anticipates the language needs of the children, and best practice and methods to reach the goals of the parents. The Family Language Plan helps parents keep on track for successful bilingualism.

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